Thursday, September 22, 2011

Physical Therapy Documentation Going Paperless!

I suppose that I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to certain things. I know that when I go to the doctor, I like to see my chart and I like to see what is “literally” written down on the pages; in my chart. I do admit that since more and more doctors dictate their notes into a small recorder, and then have them transcribed, they are much easier to read, type written, than in the doctors own, often difficult to read penmanship.

I imagine that it is safe to say that having notes typed vs written is probably a more efficient and accurate way of keeping patients charts, with less room for error. I can also appreciate the value of simply going to a computer, typing in a patient’s name and accessing their entire history with just a few clicks of a mouse. I know for many people, with ongoing medical conditions, their charts can become quite large and cumbersome. Keeping track of physical therapy documentation is crucial to a recovering patient. I can understand how recording a patient’s exercises and treatments in a chronological chart or list would be beneficial, and viewing that information on a handheld computer would make that task much more efficient and accurate.

So, despite my “old fashioned” ways, I do see the value in going high tech and paperless; not only for the doctor’s sake, but for the sake of the patient as well. The doctors can record notes quicker and in more detail, resulting in more accurate documentation with easier access; as a bonus, I suppose it will inadvertently help to save our forests and landfills as well.

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