Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eye Sight Deteriorates with Age

It was shortly following my fortieth birthday that I began to notice that when I was reading, I was holding my book further and further away from my face; with each passing week. I could actually see the words blur as I brought my book closer to my face. It dawned on me that I had finally reached the stage in my life where I would be needing “reading” glasses.

From what I understand, as we age, our cornea becomes less pliable and cloudy resulting in a less clear image. Our hardened lenses begin to focus on distant objects and closer objects become less clear.
Another reason that so many of us lose our perfect vision is the result of the muscles around our eyes weakening and the skin loosening. This causes that “droopy” eyelid look and can also affect our vision. Having a blepharoplasty procedure may help to restore our peripheral vision.

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic eyelid surgery that may also help to restore some of our eyesight; particularly our peripheral vision. If you think about it logically, how can you possibly see clearly when your eyelids are drooping over your eyes?  This surgery will not only give you a refreshed appearance and more youthful look, it has the added bonus of allowing us to see more clearly.

It’s a win-win scenario! Hmmmm, maybe I will have to add that one to my list!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wish I Could Have a Skin Tightening Procedure; Am I Being Shallow?

One thing that I have noticed about living with chronic pain is the fact that the chronic pain not only affects the way that you feel, but it also affects the way that you look, or appear to yourself or others. During the past two and a half years since I have been poisoned by the antibiotic Cipro, I swear that it appears that I have aged ten years.

I know that I am no longer considered “young” or maybe not even “middle-aged” since I am now fifty two years old, but I swear that it seems as though I have gone from looking forty to appearing sixty five over-night. I blame a great deal of this rapid aging to living with chronic and continual pain during the past two and a half years.

Now, if I just had the thousands of dollars that I have spent during the past two and a half years trying to reverse the muscle joint and tendon damage that I suffered from the antibiotic Cipro, I could afford the skin tightening procedure that a friend of mine just had. I swear that it seems as though all of my skin has just lost all of its’ elasticity since my Cipro poisoning. This does makes sense since the muscle and tendon damage is largely due to the destruction of collagen.

While I am truly blessed and thankful to be able to walk again without excruciating pain, if I had a skin tightening procedure, I might be able to look in the mirror and recognize the girl looking back at me. “Just where is the girl that I used to know, and Who are you?” Just because I feel like an old lady, does it really mean that I must look like one too?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cipro Victims Driven to Drastic Measures

I recently spoke to another Cipro victim; we were sharing war stories. We are both appalled at the lack of help and information that we have received from the medical profession. The most common response that both of us have received since being nearly crippled by this antibiotic is that we were unique. We were part of the extremely elite group of people that were unfortunately poisoned by an antibiotic that was designed to help us.

After sharing all of the remedies and supplements that we have tried, my friend admitted to me that he had been in so much pain that he began to use non-prescription drugs. It seemed as though the only relief that he got was from using illegal drugs. He now has a heroin addiction and will be entering drug rehabilitation. He is terrified of what will happen to him during his drug rehabilitation and wonders if he will be able to manage his chronic pain without the heroin.

I suppose that I am very fortunate in the fact that I do not have an addictive personality and that I am terrified of any and all drugs; prescribed or not. I am also fortunate that I have seen great improvement in my muscle, joint and tendon pain. The stories that I have heard since becoming aware of the dangers of florquinolones are mind boggling; these drugs have the ability to destroy lives and if they continue to prescribe them like candy then they damn well should figure out how to revers of treat the damage.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Excellent Video Exposing Floroquinolone Side Effects

Finally a report that recognizes the potential dangers of floroquinolones: Cipro, Avelox and Levaquinn  are among the front runners of this class of antibiotics. I have personally been floxed by Cipro on two occasions. I, like many, did not even have a clue the first time that i was floxed. I was given Ciprofloxcin for a urinary track infection. On the fourth day of my treatment, I ruptured a tendon in my big toe while dancing. I heard and felt the "Pop" and wondered what on earth had happened. I continued to take my prescription of Cipro without ever realizing that it was what had caused my tendon rupture.

Fast forward eleven months; my ruptured tendon was finally healed. I was "healthy" for exactly five weeks before I contracted another UTI. Once again I was prescribed Cipro. I willingly took the prescribed drug as it had alleviated my bladder infection the year before. On the second day of ingesting Cipro, upon awaking, I went to step out of bed and nearly collapsed onto the floor. My feet felt as though they were on fire and that I was stepping on broken glass. I could not bend my toes, ankles, knees or hips. The pain was excruciating and I needed assistance just to walk to the bathroom.

I did not know what was wrong with me and I continued taking the Cipro. It wasn't until the following day that the pain intensified so much that I began to wonder if the Cipro was causing blood clots or some other reason for the pain. This sent me to the internet where I saw the "Black Box Warning." I immediately stopped taking the Cipro and called my doctor.

I began a fifteen month journey full of pain and frustration. The amount of people that I have met who have suffered from the same symptoms as I have, are staggering. The most staggering realization of all is that very few of them correlated their pain and suffering to the antibiotic. It is my belief that the supposed 1% of people affected by these antibiotics is grossly under-reported simply do to the fact that affected people simply cannot even begin to imagine that they have been crippled by an antibiotic that was intended to cure them.
The below video is one of the first videos that I have seen that acknowledges the possible dangers of floroquinolones.

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hospital Policies; Where to Find Them

For any one that has owned a business, of any kind, you know what a hassle it is to create the necessary documents to protect you and your clients. If you are in the medical field, I am sure that the task would be monumental.

Policy Manager is the leading hospital policy management software. They have developed policy software that helps a hospital to develop their hospital policies in a manner in which a patient can understand. Their policy software improves patient safety and overall healthcare quality. Policy Manager only works with hospital and healthcare facilities.

They offer a clear and concise service that is well worth researching further if you are in need of hospital policy, procedure and document management software. They have a Newsletter, Free Demo and Testimonials. Now if I could only find the same information available for dance instructors!

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Windows, New Siding, New House!!

For those of us that are fortunate to have bought our homes at the “right” time and still find ourselves gainfully employed, now might be the perfect time to spruce up our homes and install some money saving products.

At Tri-State Ultra Shield, replacement windows (new jersey) and new siding (new jersey) you will find a company that is dedicated to Quality Workmanship and Customer Satisfaction. If you are in the New Jersey or New York area you can expect excellent service when you replace your old, non-insulated windows with replacement windows new jersey.

If it is an updated new snazzy look that you are hoping to achieve, insulated siding new jersey is just the place to start your search. The Eliminator XL29 Insulated Siding blankets your home providing 30% or more energy efficiency, greater curb appeal and a lifetime freedom from maintenance. By replacing your window and siding, you will feel as though you have moved into a brand new home; just pulling up into your driveway will be an exciting welcome to your home. You will be the envy of your neighbors and they will all be asking you where you got your new replacement windows (new jersey) and your new siding (new jersey.) Soon your neighborhood could look just like one of those picture perfect streets that you see on TV!



An Orthodontist is in Our Future!

Children bring a whole new experience and often, a new set of complications into their parents’ lives. One of those “extra special experiences” is expense; in one form or another.  Whether it is the latest technology product or designer clothing, many parents find themselves faced with the more necessary expense of orthodontics; aka braces.

Finding a great orthodontist can be a challenge. Not only do you want to ensure that the orthodontist is reputable and experienced; you also need to take into account how their practice fits into your standards and budget. An orthodontist could possibly become a part of your routine for many years to come, so you definitely want to find someone that you can trust and relate to.

Smile Generation offers a service that helps you to locate the perfect orthodontist for you and your child. They have high standards in clinical care, patient comfort and customer service. So, when you hear the dreaded words; “Your child needs braces,” relax and visit Smile Generation.

Smile Generation will help you to locate the perfect orthodontist for you. Visit their site for more information and valuable coupons. You will also find a link to their Social Portal where you can find testimonies from real patients. There is no better way to find out information about an orthodontist than to ask his patients.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Integrated Medical Data; What a Great Service!

Integrated Medical Data is a service that gathers and combines over 600,000 unique doctor email lists in 109 specialty areas. It is like a one stop shop for physicians and a great resource to have on hand to locate FDA approvals, KOL event promotions, webinars, healthcare market research, continuing medical education, medical supplies and many other physician related information.

All emails on the physician mailing list within their network are CAN SPAM compliant and permission passed, quarterly. Each doctor email list is linked to a full provider and facility profile which helps all of their clients to reach the correct doctor.

They have dentists, pharmacists and hospital mailing lists as well. It would make perfect sense to participate in the Integrated Medical Data service; having a doctor mailing list already created would save any medical professional hours and hours of time.