Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Recurring Cipro Toe

It truly amazes and disgusts me that taking an antibiotic for such a short period of time (3 days) can have such a long term effect on your body. It has now been 7 months since I was floxed by Cipro and I can honestly say that I am doing much better, however the continual up and down of the muscle and tendon inflammation and pain is really depressing.

As a competing dancer the foot issues are the most troublesome. Every time that I feel as though I am able to actually "Dance" I suffer for it for days. The balls of my feet and my toes still haven't recovered from my Trick or Treating escapade and I have another competition in three weeks! The big toe on my right foot just isn't happy. I felt a slight pop underneath it last night while I was dancing. Wonder how long this will last.

Ugh, how do you send your body from foot to foot when it is difficult to just put your foot on the floor and land on it.

My question and concern is: Just how far can I push myself through the pain and am I just how much risk am I taking by doing so. I can dance through the pain, but I am terrified of a tendon rupture. Damn those pharmaceutical companies that ignore all of the people that they have injured and just continue to do so!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Cipro Pain: Trick or Treat?

Usually the only pain that I get from the aftermath of Halloween is tummy pain from too much chocolate! This year, while I am eternally grateful to have been able to take my son and grandson Trick or Treating, I am paying for it thanks to Cipro.

Part of the issue I am sure, is my own stupidity and fault. It seems as though every time that I have a relatively pain free day I think that I am cured!! Ha Ha Ha, Joke's on me!

I use Custom Orthotics daily and they have helped my feet tremendously, the issue I have is with my shoes. When I am having a "good" day, I slip my Orthotics into a pair of slip- on shoes because it is "easy". The slip-on shoes have a very thin sole.

My sneakers have a cushioned sole and are MUCH better for my feet. Problem is that they require tying! lol OK, I know that seems ridiculous, but sometimes I am just plain lazy and put on the slip-ons even though I know the other ones are better for my feet. That is precisely how I found myself, visiting my mother, with only my slip-on shoes.

The sun went down and it was time to take the boys Trick or Treating. It wasn't until I was 4 blocks from home that I realized what I had done. I was wearing the wrong shoes for walking on asphalt!! Many blocks later I was hobbling...needless to say, the night was cut short by my own stupidity and Cipro! It is 3 days later and I am still paying for it! I REALLY hate being STUPID!!

Moral of the story: Even when my feet aren't throbbing, put on the "Good Shoes"!