Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healthy Living is a Plus!

When you live in chronic pain you may often be viewed as a whiner, complainer, or hypochondriac. Having lived through the excruciating pain caused by Cipro, I can totally relate with people that have and live with chronic pain. Being sympathetic to a person with intangible pain can often be a difficult task for family members, friends and co-workers. They seem to think if they cannot see it, then it must not hurt. Life for the person in chronic pain is not only difficult from the physical aspect, but the emotional one as well. Having your life stolen from you is frightening, devastating and frustrating. There are many reasons that people live in chronic pain, mine just happened to result from taking an antibiotic.

I think that regardless of the reason, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. Devise a health plan and stick to it. Exercise as much as you possibly can, eat well, get plenty of rest. Healthy living will probably not cure your pain, but it will help to prevent other health issues that may arise from an unhealthy lifestyle. There are many things that we all can do to improve our overall health.

Healthy living literally means taking care of yourself; body, mind and spirit. The last thing that any of us that live in chronic pain needs is to have any other health issue crop up and cause additional health issues.

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