Sunday, September 25, 2011

Poisoned by Cipro; Now I am Unemployed!

So, just what does one do when their injuries stem from ingesting an antibiotic? I know many, many florquinolone sufferers that have lost their jobs due to the debilitating side effects from Cipro, Levaquinn or Avelox. I can relate with both the employer and the employee. It really sucks to have a great job and not be able to get out of bed in the morning; to suddenly be unable to walk or function like you did the day before.

Just how many days can you expect your employer to keep your job available for you when every medical professional that you consult gives you the same answer: “Gee, I have never seen this before and no, I do not have any idea how long it will last, or what I can do to help you.” How comforting do you suppose that is for your employer? He has a business to run and chances are that you were a crucial piece of that wheel.

Occupational health professionals must keep records of employee health information regarding workplace injuries and illnesses, but just how do they record a side effect? What is a side effect and how could that possibly prevent you from doing your job? How do you explain that one day you were perfectly healthy and mobile and now you can barely even walk? And how do you explain that there isn’t a doctor out there that has an answer?

So, here we are incapacitated, often under insured and now unemployed. Sure seems to me that someone ought to take some responsibility here. Floroquinolone toxicity SUCKS!

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