Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Recurring Cipro Toe

It truly amazes and disgusts me that taking an antibiotic for such a short period of time (3 days) can have such a long term effect on your body. It has now been 7 months since I was floxed by Cipro and I can honestly say that I am doing much better, however the continual up and down of the muscle and tendon inflammation and pain is really depressing.

As a competing dancer the foot issues are the most troublesome. Every time that I feel as though I am able to actually "Dance" I suffer for it for days. The balls of my feet and my toes still haven't recovered from my Trick or Treating escapade and I have another competition in three weeks! The big toe on my right foot just isn't happy. I felt a slight pop underneath it last night while I was dancing. Wonder how long this will last.

Ugh, how do you send your body from foot to foot when it is difficult to just put your foot on the floor and land on it.

My question and concern is: Just how far can I push myself through the pain and am I just how much risk am I taking by doing so. I can dance through the pain, but I am terrified of a tendon rupture. Damn those pharmaceutical companies that ignore all of the people that they have injured and just continue to do so!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Cipro Pain: Trick or Treat?

Usually the only pain that I get from the aftermath of Halloween is tummy pain from too much chocolate! This year, while I am eternally grateful to have been able to take my son and grandson Trick or Treating, I am paying for it thanks to Cipro.

Part of the issue I am sure, is my own stupidity and fault. It seems as though every time that I have a relatively pain free day I think that I am cured!! Ha Ha Ha, Joke's on me!

I use Custom Orthotics daily and they have helped my feet tremendously, the issue I have is with my shoes. When I am having a "good" day, I slip my Orthotics into a pair of slip- on shoes because it is "easy". The slip-on shoes have a very thin sole.

My sneakers have a cushioned sole and are MUCH better for my feet. Problem is that they require tying! lol OK, I know that seems ridiculous, but sometimes I am just plain lazy and put on the slip-ons even though I know the other ones are better for my feet. That is precisely how I found myself, visiting my mother, with only my slip-on shoes.

The sun went down and it was time to take the boys Trick or Treating. It wasn't until I was 4 blocks from home that I realized what I had done. I was wearing the wrong shoes for walking on asphalt!! Many blocks later I was hobbling...needless to say, the night was cut short by my own stupidity and Cipro! It is 3 days later and I am still paying for it! I REALLY hate being STUPID!!

Moral of the story: Even when my feet aren't throbbing, put on the "Good Shoes"!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yes, Another Dancer Poisoned by Cipro

Today at our dance workshop a gentleman that I had not seen in many months showed up. I said, "Long time no see, where have you been"? He said, "Cipro Poisoning, my shoulders". I actually thought that he was kidding me and said, "Yeah, right"! But unfortunately he wasn't kidding. He just just another casualty of the wonderful side effects of flouroquinolones.

He said that he had heard me whine about my feet and legs, and that a friend told him that she also had muscle, joint and tendon pain and injuries from the same drug, but he said it just went in one ear and out the other. He is really sorry now that he didn't really understand the severity and likelihood that he, too would be effected. He is now facing surgery on his shoulder.

Cipro, Levaquinn and Avelox are VERY DANGEROUS drugs with very real, debilitating side effects. The drug companies claim that it is 1% of the population that is effected, but I am here to tell you that this is a very underestimated amount. People simply DO NOT correlate their symptoms with the antibiotic. I have met in excess of 35 dancers that have been effected in the past 5 months.

Once again, a warning, I do not want anyone to suffer the way I have!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Current Cipro Weapons!

Here's the current drill:

2000 mg plus of vitamin C, Magnesium Malate (833mgMalic Acid), Glucosamine and Chondrioten, Vitamin E, D and Calcium, oh, wait let's not forget the Fish Oil and probiotics and Ocuvite so I can still see to be able to warn others to be very careful taking any flouroquinolone!! Seems as all I do is eat and drink supplements!

I have noticed an improvement after about 3 weeks of the high doses of Vitamin C.

You never know what really helps and I do have frequent setbacks, fortunately they seem shorter lived as time goes on!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cipro Makes Your Skin Hurt, Too!

So, I guess there are two things bothering me today:

1. Cipro poisoning SUCKS! I know that I should be grateful for the improvements that I have made, and I AM however, I am still so irritated that my body has been so compromised by Cipro. The fact that they continually dispense this drug without informing the patient of the potential side effects is criminal!

Of course, my small improvement of being able to slightly bend my toes caused me to test my limits and try to walk and dance like a normal person. That would be USING my toes and pushing off with my toes as opposed to walking and dancing on my heels. That unfortunately led to a bit of a toe injury on my right foot, yup, the BIG TOE! Ugh, wonder how long it will take that to heal?
2. I hate the inflammation underneath the skin that causes the skin itself to be so tender that you don't want to sit or lie on it. The back of my thighs are killing me today, thank God it seems to be an intermittent side effect. It is so strange because een the slightest touch makes them feel as tough they are on fire! It has been long 5 months now.

So that being said, I hope those of you that have never been effected by Cipro, Levaquinn, Avelox, or any other floroquinolone, take my advice and steer clear of this poison! For those of you in the same boat or worse off, my best wishes to you and I hope you are having one of those "good" days!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Cipro Toes are Starting to Bend!

For the past 4 1/2 months of my life, after being poisoned by Cipro, the very first thing I did every morning, while just barely awake, was to try to bend my toes. And for the past 4 1/2 months, every morning was the same.........No, Not Today - Maybe Tomorrow. I know how odd that may seem to some, but Cipro has robbed me of so many simple things. Bending my toes is just one of them.

Almost two weeks ago, on August 31, 2010 in my still somewhat comatose state, I tried to bend my toes and much to my surprise, it worked! At first I wasn't sure, so I tried again and low and behold my toes bent! I whipped off the covers to see with my own eyes and sure enough they were bending. Not much, but it is a start. I was reluctant to believe my good fortune and could hardly wait to check out my new trick again the next morning. Voila', bending toes! It has now been a little over two weeks and the toes are still bending and the balls of my feet are a bit less painful. It seems as though I have reached a new plateau, hopefully this one will not be as long as the past one and the improvement will begin to accelerate, as opposed to remain stagnant.

If you are a dancer you know how important your toes are to your dancing! Cipro has hindered my physical ability to pursue my passion. Besides the constant pain in the balls of my feet and toes, the fact that they were so locked up caused me to change the way I walked and the way I danced. I was back weighted and turned on my heels. I was often off balance and had to change from one foot to the other quickly, due to the pain. With this improvement, I am now attempting to make the necessary changes in the way that I have been dancing to dancing the way I should be dancing!

This improvement came about 3-4 weeks after I began increasing my Vitamin C level. Vitamin C helps promote the production of collagen. I am not sure whether or not the Vitamin C was instrumental in my improvement, or just purely coincidental, but either way, I thought I would share my improvements and methods with you. It seems to me that it could be beneficial in helping to restore the destroyed sheath around the tendons and muscles from the antibiotic Cipro. (Levaquinn and Avelox are in the same class of Fluoroquinolones) I am currently taking 2000 mg per day and I weight 128 lbs.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thanks to Cipro, Dancer Injured Again!

Last weekend we were at the Palm Springs Summer Dance Camp and a friend of mine who had previously taken Cipro, and has had two previous surgeries on her calves due to ruptures, re-ruptured her calf while dancing. It is a harsh punishment to take a drug that robs you of your passion.

What I would like to know is when this will ever end! The fact that Cipro, Levaquin and Avelox (flouroquinolones) cause severe muscle, tendon, joint pain and rupture and are still being prescribed without telling the patient of these risks is ludicrous! They claim that "only" 1% of people taking these drugs are effected and that they are otherwise "safe". I believe that to be an inaccurate number of people effected due to the lack of correlation between the antibiotic and an injury, therefore there is a lack of reporting the incidence to the FDA.

I have found numerous people that have been effected by these drugs and never realized that the antibiotics were the cause until it was brought to their attention. How many of you ever even thought that your muscle and joint pain, or ruptured tendons might be related to an antibiotic? I know that I never correlated my first tendon rupture due to Cipro, until one year later when I took it again and could not even walk. It was then that I re-examined my medical records and found that I was on the drug for 2 days when the rupture occurred.

I urge anyone that has had any injury of been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, or Rheumatoid Arthritis to go back and check their medical records to see if you had previously taken any of these drugs. You may be amazed to finally be able to figure out why your physical health seemed to deteriorate overnight.

Doctors and hospitals love these drugs and prescribe them like candy. It is a crime that they continue to do so with no warning, and no cure once the damage has been done. You will be hard pressed to find any help or even someone to believe you if you are poisoned by these drugs. Dancers' and all others please Beware of the Antibiotics called: Cipro, Avelox and Levaquin.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 1/2 Months Floxed and Dancing!

It is now 4 1/2 months since I was floxed by Cipro for the second time. I am happy to report that after hitting a 2 month plateau on improvement, I have reached a new plateau. I was almost afraid to admit to myself or anyone else, that I felt as though I am experiencing a slight improvement in my feet. A VERY important improvement for me, as my passion is dancing. I passed my true test after a week of dancing every night. 3 nights of classes and 4 days at Palm Springs Summer Dance Camp. Yes, my feet were swollen, but I could still walk and they have since returned to their original shape and size!

My actual daily improvement is: A bit less pain in the balls of my feet and A bit more flexibility in my toes. Two mornings in a row now, I have been able to bend my toes, just a bit, but a great feat considering that they have been locked up for 4 1/2 months. My knees have improved more than my feet, but my pots and pans, and tupperware cabinets are still a disaster as I still cannot bear any weight on them in a squatting position....yet! I can now almost bend them to within 6 inches of my buttocks while lying down, which is miraculous, as when I was first floxed I could not bend them at all. I am also now able to maneuver stairs, both up and down, like a normal person. Slower than most, but still able to go up and down. In the beginning I could barely get up and down the 2 stairs into our living room. I had to use the railing and take them one step at a time, pulling myself up the stairs and holding my weight in my arms while going down them. I remember my chiropractor telling me that I would know when I was getting better when I could go up and down those stairs without having to think about it. Right now I think about it every time, in awe that I can now actually go up and down without the railing! Wow, the simple things in life!

I find that the more I move the better off I am, even if it is painful. The more I sit or lie down, the stiffer I am. I have continued to take the supplements and vitamins listed in another post, but have also increased my vitamin C to 2500 mg per day to increase my collagen. I actually began to notice the improvement 2 weeks after the increase in Vitamin C. I also am continuing to see a chiropractor every 3-4 weeks for therapy. It seems that this whole floxing episode has caused both of my arches to fall, which has led to increased pain. Custom Orthotics have helped tremendously. I am not a medical doctor and am only wishing to share what is working for me.

My best wishes to you all,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Symptoms from Another

> I'm a 32yr old guy who has generally been very healthy, fit and active. I was 'floxed' at the beginning of April this year. 5 days of 250mg twice daily of Cipro for non-existent prostatitis (I took half of a ten day course). The first day I took it I got terrible brain fog and blurred vision, it's like my IQ has been halved and I struggle to think straight, my short term memory is terrible. I feel constantly spaced out and unable to multi-task. An optician confirmed that my vision has indeed got worse. 1-2 weeks after stopping the Cipro I started getting tendinitis in my right Achilles and left knee. The tendinitis isn't particularly noticeable at rest, but as soon as I become active my right Achilles in particular becomes very sore - this limits my ability to walk and drive. I also began to get a tingling feeling in the sole of my right foot whenever I exerted pressure on it. I now have tendon pain in my left hip, and transient tendon pain elsewhere.
> A week ago I started to get spasms in my left thumb, it sort of locks up and spasms towards my forefinger whilst twitching when I try to use it, when it does that I almost feel like I am having a fit for a fraction of a second - really weird. I am also having tendon pain around my left wrist and forearm.
> Prior to me taking Cipro in April I had NEVER had any of these symptoms.There are 2 things I would like to know, if possible:
> 1) I HATE the brain fog, I am finding it a real struggle and very depressing, will I recover my cognitive abilities at some point?
> 2) The spasms/cramps in my left thumb are worrying me. I start to think "oh no, it must be ALS/MS" etc etc. Logically I know that it must be the Cipro, I have too many other quinolone ADRs for it not to be, but I'm looking of some reassurance that others have had similar spasms/cramps to this...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Weeks Post Cipro Poisoning

Well, it has been ten weeks now and I must say that while I am so much better than I was during the first six weeks, I am pretty disgusted with the feeling better/feeling worse cycle that seems to have become my new routine.

I was actually doing quite well last week. Dancing without too much residual pain and only hobbling around for about an hour in the mornings vs hobbling half of the day. I have discovered that normal everyday occurrences are no longer simple.

A long car ride to Boise proved to be quite painful. I have found that extended periods of immobility increase the stiffness and achy-ness in my muscles, joints and tendons. I have also come to the conclusion that walking for any length of time on hard surfaces, such as tile, concrete, and composition floor over concrete will cause a set back for me. I recently spent two days at my parents house (lots of tile) and visiting my mother in the hospital, lots of long walks over pavement and hospital floors. The cost: severe calf, knee and Achilles pain as well as additional foot pain. I've been home now for two days and the aches and sharp pains are beginning to subside. They were severs enough for three nights that I did not sleep.

The up and down of the roller coaster ride is no picnic! How pathetic it is that after taking Cipro, an antibiotic that is "supposed" to help you, that a visit to my family causes physical pain. I guess my new mission will be to find shoes that will better cushion my body.

I feel fortunate that I am beginning to be able to live my life again, even though it is physically painful, as I know there are many out there who have been effected at a much higher level of disability, however, I am still VERY ANGRY!

The continued use of this drug and other floroqiunolones is a crime and the fact that they have done NOTHING to find a "cure" is appalling! My best wishes to all of you floating in this boat and my strongest warning to those of you who are not. Never take Cipro!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

31 Days Post Cipro Poisoning

Well, it has been 31 days since I was floxed. It seems lately that no matter what I do: sit, lie down, walk, garden or dance, the results are the same. It hurts like hell the entire time, but I seem to be making small strides toward less pain each day, with each activity.

In the beginning on the days that I felt "better" I would try and regain some portion of my daily routine. That only led to a relapse and I spent the next day flat on my back recovering. At about 3 weeks out it seemed as though even if I slowly increased my activity, the next day I was remaining status quo or a bit improved. The pain was still there, but I was better able to move and walk. I can even walk up the 3 stairs in my house like a normal person does, instead of one at a time. I can bend my knees without them feeling as though they are going to explode and I can bend over without shooting pains down the back of my legs.

So last night I decided to put my theory to the test and took my first trial run on the dance floor. I taped my feet, put braces on my ankles and knees for protection from tendon rupture and threw caution to the wind! I felt as though I was dancing in muddy fire as my feet burned tremendously and the muscles in my legs felt very weak and fatigued, but I am tickled to death that the only repercussions that I suffered were that this morning it took me an extra hour to get moving. Since dancing is a my passion and a huge part of my life, the pain was worth it! I hope that day by day the pain will lessen and the strength will return. I am still in utter disbelief that an antibiotic could reek such havoc on your body is so short of time.

I addition to everything that I have been taking, mentioned here:
I have also added 2 scoops of Whey Isolates to help rebuild the damaged muscles.

Whether or not these things have helped to heal my body, I began improving 2 days after implementing them, and I am so desperate to regain my life that I fully intend to continue what I have been doing and pray for full recovery! I wish you all the same!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 15 After Cipro Poisoning

Today is day 15, after being poisoned by Cipro. I have been eating recommended food and taking recommended supplements, vitamins and probiotics. It may be a coincidence or maybe all of those prayers are actually working, but I am definitely moving faster and not in as much pain. I was actually able to turn over in bed last night and get in and out without too much trouble.

I have no new side effects and hope I they stay away! I am going to continue to follow Dr. Leland's recommendations and see him again next week.

I wish all of you other sufferer's a less painful day.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Helpful Suggestions Post Cipro Poisoning

Yesterday I saw Dr Leland Carrol, he is a chiropractic Kinesiologist He has studied extensively to learn alternative healing techniques to help patients with their individual needs. My only and I say that in jest, problems are muscle, joint and tendon pain in my legs.

I will share the regimen that he has suggested to me. I am NOT a doctor, these are just what I am trying. A lot of what I will be eating and taking are to remove as much as the toxin as I can. He suggested that I eat 1 cup of mixed brussel sprouts and broccoli and 1 whole red beet everyday. These should be steamed and the red beet should be steamed whole. It is the "red" in the beet that is supposed to thin the bile from the liver that can become thicker after Cipro poisoning.

In addition to those veggies I am "drinking" Green Vibrance. It has 25 billion probiotics per dose. It is also used for detoxification.

I am taking 3-4 Magnesium Malate (1250mg) per day, 2000mg of Vitamin C per day, 1 tablet 4 times a day on an empty stomach (be sure to eventually wean yourself down to a normal dose if you take this much Vitamin C). Bromelain, 2 capsules, 4 times a day between meals. Fibrozym, 3 tablets in the morning. Vitamin D and Calcium. These are all in addition to my "regular" everyday vitamins!

By the time I am through sucking down all of these pills and eating those veggies, I think I might just explode!

He also suggested epsom salt baths and light massage. Movement , especially in a pool, and to not push to the point of damage. He also pressed on tendon connections and did something like spreading the muscle tissue. None of this was painful.

Today is day 12, since the side effects began. Last night was the first night that I did not wake up in the middle of the night an hour or two BEFORE I could take Ibuprofen. I actually woke up one hour AFTER I was supposed to take it. I am taking 600mg every 6 hours. My "other" Dr. recommended that as it IS an anti-inflammatory. It helps me tremendously. I seem to be moving a bit faster, at the moment! Hoping for a good day.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Just Realized I was Poisoned by Cipro Before

Almost one year ago I suffered from a ruptured tendon in my foot. I danced 3-6 times a week and thought that it was really odd that I injured my foot dancing, but because I was dancing when the injury occurred, I figured that that must be the cause.

In light of my new Cipro poisoning, leg muscle, tendon and joint pain, I called my doctor and confirmed that I was actually taking Cipro at the time of the tendon rupture. I stared taking it on May 31, 2009 and the injury occurred on June 3, 2009. I never put 2 and 2 together until now. The injury lasted 8 months. I was able to dance pain free for 5 weeks before my current condition. I now just pray that someday I will be able to dance again. Walking would be good, too!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beware of the Antibiotic Cipro

Dancers': Beware of the Antibiotic Cipro
by Michele Rasmussen

I am writing this article based on my own personal experience. I am hoping to bring awareness of the side effects of the antibiotic Cipro or Ciprofloxin. I understand that Levoquin and Avelox have the same side effects.

I will preface this article with the knowledge that I have been dancing regularly, 4-5 times a week for 3 years and that dancing is not a new activity for me.

On April 16th, 2010 I started taking Cipro for a bladder infection. On April 17th, 2010 we taught a 4 1/2 hour dance workshop, something we do every other weekend. On April 18th, 2010 I could barely walk. Upon getting out of bed, my feet felt as though I were walking on razor blades and the joints, muscles and tendon in my legs were in excruciating pain. As the day progressed, the pain remained and I was puzzled as to how the workshop could possibly be responsible for my inability to walk. I continued taking Cipro.

On April 19th, 2010 I awoke with the same pain, plus additional hip pain. I just kept thinking that something was really odd and that this leg pain could not possibly be from dancing. That evening I started getting sharp, stabbing pains in my left leg. I began to wonder if I could possibly have a blood clot, so I went to the internet to look up the side effects of Cipro. While I was pleased to realize I didn't have a blood clot, I was appalled that my muscle, joint and tendon pain was a side effect of Cipro. I stopped taking the drug immediately and contacted my doctor and two pharmacists.

My doctor was shocked and claims he has never seen this side effect and offers no management, treatment or prognosis. The pharmacists are more aware but have a "it might get better, it might not " attitude. After hours of research I have found that Cipro has landed many in wheelchairs and walking with canes. It can hit your body while taking it or months later. For some it seems that the side effects reverse themselves as soon as the medication is out of their bodies, for others the suffering lingers for years. You can develop symptoms months after you stop taking the drug. If you have or have had unexplained muscle, joint and tendon pain, or ruptured tendons or been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis and have taken Cipro, be sure to alert your Dr. and never take it again.

I believe that the percentage of incidences that the drug companies report are way understated. It occurred to me, after this episode, that one year ago I suffered from a popped tendon in my right foot. It took 7 months for that injury to heal. I confirmed the dates and sure enough, I was on Cipro when the injury occurred. I never put 2 and 2 together to make the correlation of the injury as a side effect to the antibiotic. I now know differently and have reported my side effects to the drug manufacturer and the FDA.