Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cipro Damaged; Good Nutrition Cannot Hurt

Good nutrition is extremely important for those of us that have been “floxed,” “poisoned’” or whatever other term that the medical doctors choose to apply to our side effects from floroquinolones. While I am not very pleased with the fact that Cipro has caused me great pain for a total of 26 months, I DO count my blessings that I have seen quite an improvement over the past few months and am now able to walk and dance with much less pain. I know that there are others out there that are much less fortunate.

I do attribute a portion of my recovery upon the many suggestions from my chiropractor. He recommended probiotics and a plethora of supplements to me shortly after I was floxed. I am trying to use more organic products and am continually trying to eat a well-balanced diet while also supplementing the vitamins and minerals that may help me to regain what the Cipro destroyed.

I try to stay hydrated and nourished while traveling and competing at dance events. I always have a bottle of water, with minerals, and a protein bar with me. I am not sure whether the exercise, nutrition or just my plain old stubbornness has gotten me as far as I am in the healing process, but whatever it is, I am grateful to be walking again. Hobbling around like a 95 year old woman in excruciating pain is no fun. It is a crime that so many people suffer from the side effects of these antibiotics.  

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