Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cipro Encouraged Me to Have a Garden!

Two years ago I was poisoned by an antibiotic called Cipro. I took the antibiotic for a bladder infection, and with two days of taking Cipro, I was nearly crippled. The pain in the balls of my feet was excruciating and my hips, knees and ankles felt as though they would explode if I bent them. MY skin felt as if it was on fire, and my brain was so fogged that I could not even think.

I immediately sought medical advice, only to be told over and over again, that there was nothing that they could do for me, and they had no idea how long these “side effects” would last’ possibly forever. Two years ago dancing was my profession and my passion. After being poisoned by Cipro, walking was so painful that dancing was out of the question.

A dancing friend of mine, also a chiropractor and kinesiologist, offered me some advice in trying to rid my body of the dangerous floroquinolone, as well as advice on what to take and eat to help my body to repair the damage done by the antibiotic. After several months, I was able to get around better, and learn to dance on my heels. The hardest hit area for me was the balls of my feet. For eighteen months, I wore braces on my ankles and knees and walked and dance very carefully.

Since that time, I have been very mindful of what I eat and have even taken to growing, canning and freezing my own fruits and vegetables. Gusseted poly bags have been a great addition to my freezing practices because they are able to stand up, and stay open all on their own. I also like the Ball canning jars. Having home grown vegetable and fruit all year long is not only a treat, but a very healthy alternative to eating over processed food that is full of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

I also am eating eggs from chickens that belong to a friend; I can hardly believe how yellow the yolks are. Now, if I can only bring myself to raising my own poultry, meat and fish, you could call me a “real” farm girl!

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