Sunday, November 20, 2011

Staying organized everywhere

Guest post written by Penny Stone

It's a constant struggle for my household to stay organized. But with four kids, I guess that's no surprise. I have my faults when it comes to that too. So I decided that we would spend a weekend organizing the house and maybe if we all put work into it, we would like to keep it that way.

While I was online looking for some tips online about how to get kids organized and stay organized, I saw some info on Sears Countertop Replacement. It ends up that once we cleaned up the countertop in our kitchen, it looked pretty old. It's funny how doing one thing in your home reminds you that you need to address other areas in your home, too.

My one area of focus, though, was garage storage. That's where we really needed it. All of the kids toys are just thrown around in there and I'm always tripping over them to get to my car in the mornings. But that problem is hopefully resolved now. Or at least I'm hoping that it will stay resolved since I made the kids go through all of that trouble.

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