Monday, November 14, 2011

Pharmacy Services

Long term health care facilities offer a wide range of services from pharmaceutical, to rehabilitation to nursing care, personal hygiene in addition to the everyday needs of their clients. Running the everyday aspects of one of these facilities is a monumental task. By becoming affiliated with Rx Care Assurance you can help to lighten your load.

Rx Care Assurance offers pharmacy services that will help you to build a long term, lasting relationship between you and your pharmacy. They are experts at matching a facility’s need with pharmacy services that can meet them. They offer personal onsite visits prior to and following you becoming their client and offer an Rx Care Assurance Quality Hotline.

It is their goal to ensure that their pharmacies provide the benefits and security of local pharmacy services with the advantages of viable and national presence and that the care facilities benefit by having an additional resource that monitors satisfaction and communication with the pharmacy.

By being an Rx Care Assurance client, you are able to spend less time evaluating your pharmacy and more time serving your residents, thus enhancing your care. Sometimes it is just better to delegate your pharmacy services or other services too, for that matter, to an expert. Spreading yourself too thin is never a good idea.

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