Monday, August 22, 2011

Wish I Could Have a Skin Tightening Procedure; Am I Being Shallow?

One thing that I have noticed about living with chronic pain is the fact that the chronic pain not only affects the way that you feel, but it also affects the way that you look, or appear to yourself or others. During the past two and a half years since I have been poisoned by the antibiotic Cipro, I swear that it appears that I have aged ten years.

I know that I am no longer considered “young” or maybe not even “middle-aged” since I am now fifty two years old, but I swear that it seems as though I have gone from looking forty to appearing sixty five over-night. I blame a great deal of this rapid aging to living with chronic and continual pain during the past two and a half years.

Now, if I just had the thousands of dollars that I have spent during the past two and a half years trying to reverse the muscle joint and tendon damage that I suffered from the antibiotic Cipro, I could afford the skin tightening procedure that a friend of mine just had. I swear that it seems as though all of my skin has just lost all of its’ elasticity since my Cipro poisoning. This does makes sense since the muscle and tendon damage is largely due to the destruction of collagen.

While I am truly blessed and thankful to be able to walk again without excruciating pain, if I had a skin tightening procedure, I might be able to look in the mirror and recognize the girl looking back at me. “Just where is the girl that I used to know, and Who are you?” Just because I feel like an old lady, does it really mean that I must look like one too?


  1. You have a family who gives you love and support. I'm only 47 and now look like 65. I think it damages our collagen (I'm no MD or scientist). Good luck, thanks for sharing, hope it works out.

  2. It truly does damage our collagen. It is amazing how quickly my face and body have changed. Exercise is limited as you know and sometimes it is just so darn depressing!
    This whole floro side effects issue just plain sucks!

  3. Personally, I followed a skin tightening treatment by Dr. Jerome Edelstein and I'm satisfied with my results. My skin looks much healthier, smoother and I don't show my age... which is great! :D Definitely, it's something really useful.