Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Question and Answer Update!

Question: I hate to bother you. I see you some how made it out of this crap storm and still manage to dance. I am currently trying to get my pain under control in my legs. Burning, stabbing, muscle pain and weakness. It sounds like it good be fibromyalgia or some muscle disease. Did you ever take any strong pain medicine or have any treatment? Sounds like your really upbeat and motivational. 

Answer:  The pain in my feet, legs and hips was beyond any pain that I have ever 
experienced. In the beginning especially. After one month had gone by, I decided to attempt to dance again. Dancing is my passion and my
profession. I took precautions with braces on my knees, ankles and then taped my feet and toes to help protect from 
any tears. It hurt like hell but made my heart feel good.The next day I was pretty much down for the count, but the following
day I was back to my "regular" hobbling. I feel as though my moving and exercising  helped in my recovery. I found that 
being immobile made me really stiff and it more painful to move.
I know a lot of people on this board poo-pooed the supplements I took and the foods I ate, but that is when I started seeing an improvement!
It has been 14 months and I am much, much better with the exception that I now have leukemia.
I swear, life is never easy! It is very easy to become depressed when you are in constant pain. I highly doubt that you have Fibromyalgia. My pain traveled thorough out my 
The ONLY help I received is from my chiropractor. He was instrumental in giving me back my legs!
I did take mass doses of Ibuprofen. I took three tablets every six hours, It did give me much relief, especially when I was dancing.
Hope this helps and feel free to contact me anytime.


  1. Hi Michele, You say here your chiropractor helped your legs a lot. What did he do that helped you? I will be back in the States over the summer and may go see one. My hips and ankle/achilles still ache and burn each day and I am getting tired of this pain for over 1 year.
    thanks, Ari

  2. I Michele. I read your blog shortly after I stopped taking Cipro just last week. I had a minor stomach infection and my doctor assigned me Cipro - 500mg X2 daily. After only one day I started having minor neck stiffness. Within two days I had the worst lower back pain of my life, which spread to the rest of my back the day after. Finally on day four I had enough and went to my doctor. He said my symptoms weren't "known side effects" of Cipro. He said I could stop taking it if I wanted, so I did. After stopping my neck stiffness and pain is gone but the back pain persists. Three days after stopping my right Achilles Tendon became really sore. I've since been treating it for the past three days. Ugh, this is a terrible drug. I use to exercise daily for about 40 minutes of running and weight lifting but haven't done any exercise for about two weeks. Hopefully I'll be back to normal in a few weeks... then again I hear things can get worse before they get better.


  3. Ari, First he ordered orthotics because the bones in the arch of my feet had fallen. He often used some sort of stimulating device and I went for weekly foot massages.They all seemed to help.

    Mark, it is a long, slow and very painful process. I am a dancer so I just couldn't stop dancing; I would wear braces on my knees and ankles and tape my feet. I also wore toes spacers and orthotics. I probably took way too much ibuprofen and found that I hurt whether I danced or not. I was just very careful to not rupture anything.
    It has been 15 months and I am finally not as dependent on the braces and the pain is much improved!
    Good uck to the both of you!!