Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missing Cipro Victim

This post is a little different than any I have ever posted before. It regards an individual named "James" Romero from Gaithersburg, MD, that has visited my blog before, and like me was poisoned by Cipro. It seems that he has been missing since April, A friend of his posted the below comment on my blog.
I am just passing it along; feel free to either email me or leave a post if you have any pertinent information.

Dear All,
Sorry for all the pain and suffering that this medication has caused everyone. My best friend has suffered the same symptoms that all of you are reporting. He even actually posted a comment in this thread back in late 2010. Unfortunately he has gone missing since back in April 2011 and I was reaching out to this community to see if anyone has had any interaction with user James @ jer2rom@yahoo.com? His Mom, Dad, Sister, Fiancé, and all of us, are extremely worry about him and are pleading for any information that may lead us to finding him. If any of you had any communication with him, please reply back and I will be truly grateful!

Best regards to all,



  1. Thank you so much for your assistance! This is greatly appreciated! His full name is Jaime Romero from Gaithersburg, MD and he went missing on April 2nd. Please read additional details here: http://www.gazette.net/stories/04202011/damanew221203_32544.php
    We all miss him very much and appreciate any of your help in finding Jaime.


  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Sonia Romero, I am Jaime Romero's sister. Thank you so much for posting about my brother. Any help in getting out the word is greatly appreciated. My family is very worried. It has been 2 months and no one has come forward with any information. Please, we are pleading, if anyone knows anything, any conversation that you may have had with my brother, any information is helpfull.

    I have created a page for my brother to bring awareness of his disappearance. Please join and pass along to your friends "Help Find Jaime Romero"

    Thank you!

  3. Hi, I wanted to post where I can hopefully help somebody else.

    I have found that there IS hope long term.

    The difference between our stories is I am a very healthy/active 25 yr old male. I was floxed 25 months ago with Cipro for Prostatitis. My initial side effects included almost all of the reactions to some mild/moderate/severe extent. For me the worst time peaked at about 8-13 months.

    It has gotten better slowly and surely each month. But, being 25 now I still feel waaay to old when I go to the gym. I am still concerned of achilles and knee injuries from basic physical activities.

    Maybe I'm lucky b/c of my age and ability to regenerate, but I would not wish this on anyone.

    I did find multivitamins, glucosomine, fish oils, and alcohol very helpful in my recovery. Two years on and I'm 70-80% of what I would've normally been. Not terrible, and a hellofa lot better than the darker days earlier. (I still have the knee & ankle braces as reminders)

    GodSpeed to those who suffer,

    May the industry burn in hell for using us as guinea pigs in their for-profit drugs.