Friday, September 30, 2011

Health Fairs

Recently I was dropping my son off at the mall when I noticed a sign for a Health Fair. Being that I have interest in the health industry as a whole, for a whole list of different reasons, I decided to go in and check it out. What I found were a bazillion different vendors; all peddling their wares. Of course, “their” wares were all better than their neighbors’.

My question to all of the different vendors is, “How do I know that your product really is better than the one further down the aisle?” I suppose that anytime that you visit a health fair, you can expect to be inundated with information and advice. My advice to you is to take information only on the products that you truly are interested in. Once you get home, review the information promptly; as if you do not, it will likely end up in that pile. You know the pile; it’s the one where we all put the “stuff” that we intend to get to “someday.” I hate that pile and I hate the clutter. I am relatively certain that I have some pretty great information in that pile, but just looking at it is so overwhelming that I rarely get to it.

Anyway, the health fair was interesting and since I refrained from dragging home a whole bunch of literature, I will consider it a success!

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