Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pain Killers Due To Cipro Side Effects

If it were only this simple!

For many of us that have been adversely affected by the side effects of a floroquinolone, (Cipro, Avelox or Levaquin), the muscle, joint and tendon pain can often lead to drug abuse. Drug abuse can occur in many different ways; one can take too many over the counter or prescription pain relievers or people in constant chronic pain may even turn to other illegal substances; desperately seeking relief. Living in so much pain that every step you take brings you to tears is physically and emotionally draining.

I remember the beginning of my second Cipro poisoning; the pain in my feet alone made me wish that I would just die. I did not want to live if I had to suffer that pain every day. Without any advice from medical doctors and no information as to whether or not the pain would ever go away, I was devastated and desperate. I was definitely on the borderline of over using Ibuprofen. I was taking 800 mg every six hours, around the clock. Occasionally, I just could not hold out and took them before the six hour mark approached. This over the counter medication has a plethora of its own side effects and I if am lucky I have not caused any permanent damage to any of my organs.

I can understand how chronic pain can often lead to drug abuse; whether it is an illegal substance or a prescribed medication, doesn’t really matter. Fortunately for me, my pain did begin to subside after several months, allowing me to see a small light, at the end of a very long tunnel, as opposed to the inside of a drug abuse rehab center. I am sure that many, many desperate people turn to addictive pain killers when they are faced with extreme, chronic pain, the question is if they are addicted to pain killers, how will they know if their pain has subsided and will they need drug abuse rehab?

What an utter and complete mess a federally approved antibiotic can cause.

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