Sunday, December 9, 2012

Four Months After Being Floxed

It is now 4 1/2 months since I was floxed by Cipro for the second time. I am happy to report that after hitting a 2 month plateau on improvement, I have reached a new plateau. I was almost afraid to admit to myself or anyone else, that I felt as though I am experiencing a slight improvement in my feet. A VERY important improvement for me, as my passion is dancing. I passed my true test after a week of dancing every night. 3 nights of classes and 4 days at Palm Springs Summer Dance Camp. Yes, my feet were swollen, but I could still walk and they have since returned to their original shape and size!

My actual daily improvement is: A bit less pain in the balls of my feet and A bit more flexibility in my toes. Two mornings in a row now, I have been able to bend my toes, just a bit, but a great feat considering that they have been locked up for 4 1/2 months. My knees have improved more than my feet, but my pots and pans, and tupperware cabinets are still a disaster as I still cannot bear any weight on them in a squatting position....yet! I can now almost bend them to within 6 inches of my buttocks while lying down, which is miraculous, as when I was first floxed I could not bend them at all. I am also now able to maneuver stairs, both up and down, like a normal person. Slower than most, but still able to go up and down. In the beginning I could barely get up and down the 2 stairs into our living room. I had to use the railing and take them one step at a time, pulling myself up the stairs and holding my weight in my arms while going down them. I remember my chiropractor telling me that I would know when I was getting better when I could go up and down those stairs without having to think about it. Right now I think about it every time, in awe that I can now actually go up and down without the railing! Wow, the simple things in life!

I find that the more I move the better off I am, even if it is painful. The more I sit or lie down, the stiffer I am. I have continued to take the supplements and vitamins listed in another post, but have also increased my vitamin C to 2500 mg per day to increase my collagen. I actually began to notice the improvement 2 weeks after the increase in Vitamin C. I also am continuing to see a chiropractor every 3-4 weeks for therapy. It seems that this whole floxing episode has caused both of my arches to fall, which has led to increased pain. Custom Orthotics have helped tremendously. I am not a medical doctor and am only wishing to share what is working for me.

My best wishes to you all,

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