Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chronic Pain is the Worst!

Living with chronic pain does not only affect your body where the pain is located, it affects you entire life and well-being. It causes you to be chronically fatigued and often short tempered. It affects your ability to think clearly and to stay on task. Chronic pain robs your quality of life and can make you wonder whether or not your life is worth living.

I often wonder if a Pain Care Center, such as Pain Management NJ, would be able to help those of us that have been poisoned by a floroquinolone. Cipro, Levaquinn and Avelox have left thousands of people in constant chronic pain. If Pain Management NJ were able to help those of us in pain through their therapeutic treatment options, they could educate others on their methods thus helping the thousands of us that suffer from the muscle, joint and tendon pain that we all live with on a daily basis.

Pain Management NJ has helped many patients with neck and back pain due to injuries resulting from injury, deformity or degenerative conditions. Do you suppose that our muscle, joint and tendon pain and ruptures would be classified under the “degenerative conditions” category? Or, do you suppose that our pain is simply categorized as “other” with no help at all? I would like to hope that someday, someone, somewhere will have an answer or regime that will help all of us to regain our previously healthy lives.

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