Monday, December 10, 2012

Cipro; I Want to Ring the Prescriber's Necks!

Once again, I am appalled. My father, who is 78 years old, and a diabetic recently had a bout with diverticulitis. His doctor prescribed Cipro. Now, considering my father falls into the "high risk" category, of the Black Box Waring on Cipro, why in the world would any physician prescribe Cipro.

When I found out what the doctor had prescribed, I immediately called the doctor and the pharmacist, and of course my father, who believes that doctors' are Gods. The doctor's office "took a message" and told me that the doctor would return my call; yeah, right! The pharmacist, who has known my father for many, many years, totally agreed with me and said that she would prefer my father ingest a "different" antibiotic.

My father filled the prescription, stubborn man that he is, and immediately started having pain in both of his feet. My mother, finally took charge and forced him to call his doctor and insist on a different prescription. I think that we managed to dodge a silver bullet, but what will happen next time?

What is wrong with these freaking stubborn, or ignorant medical professionals? I want to ring their necks!

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