Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is a guest post!

Authored by Rickey Combs

I have recently been in the market for some new athletic shoes. I feel like athletic shoes are a place where you can buy something with a lot of flair. Whether tacky or not, nobody really cares what kind of shoes that you wear to the gym. I have used my clear 4g to search eBay for some old school kicks and other sites for the newest and coolest. I think that I have finally decided that I am going to make some custom kicks on Nike.Com. I didn’t even realize that you could custom mix your shoes until my brother in law made some. You can pick the shoe style (they have a lot of different types) and all of the colors. You can pick the lining color, the mesh color, the leather colors, and the shoe lace colors. The coolest thing is that you can write things on the shoes. You can get your name on the back if you want. I think that I am going to customize some airmax ’95. They are going to be pretty expensive, but at least I know that the shoes will be mine and that no one will be able to swipe them! They will be my colors and will have my name. I can’t wait; these are going to be awesome.

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