Thursday, August 11, 2011

Integrated Medical Data; What a Great Service!

Integrated Medical Data is a service that gathers and combines over 600,000 unique doctor email lists in 109 specialty areas. It is like a one stop shop for physicians and a great resource to have on hand to locate FDA approvals, KOL event promotions, webinars, healthcare market research, continuing medical education, medical supplies and many other physician related information.

All emails on the physician mailing list within their network are CAN SPAM compliant and permission passed, quarterly. Each doctor email list is linked to a full provider and facility profile which helps all of their clients to reach the correct doctor.

They have dentists, pharmacists and hospital mailing lists as well. It would make perfect sense to participate in the Integrated Medical Data service; having a doctor mailing list already created would save any medical professional hours and hours of time.

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