Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cipro Victims Driven to Drastic Measures

I recently spoke to another Cipro victim; we were sharing war stories. We are both appalled at the lack of help and information that we have received from the medical profession. The most common response that both of us have received since being nearly crippled by this antibiotic is that we were unique. We were part of the extremely elite group of people that were unfortunately poisoned by an antibiotic that was designed to help us.

After sharing all of the remedies and supplements that we have tried, my friend admitted to me that he had been in so much pain that he began to use non-prescription drugs. It seemed as though the only relief that he got was from using illegal drugs. He now has a heroin addiction and will be entering drug rehabilitation. He is terrified of what will happen to him during his drug rehabilitation and wonders if he will be able to manage his chronic pain without the heroin.

I suppose that I am very fortunate in the fact that I do not have an addictive personality and that I am terrified of any and all drugs; prescribed or not. I am also fortunate that I have seen great improvement in my muscle, joint and tendon pain. The stories that I have heard since becoming aware of the dangers of florquinolones are mind boggling; these drugs have the ability to destroy lives and if they continue to prescribe them like candy then they damn well should figure out how to revers of treat the damage.

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