Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Living in Chronic Pain? Create Your Own Brief History

Recently I was talking to another CML buddy about my pleural effusion. He has also suffered from pleural effusion as well as many other side effects, which many of us deal with, too. I thought that I was pretty darn good at keeping tabs of my medical issues and records, but when I saw his “Brief History” I was very impressed.
He actually encouraged me to start my own brief history quite some time ago, and I am not really sure why I never got around to it. Now, I have to go back through my “thick” medical records that I DO have, and create a wonderful “Brief History”, like his!
I would encourage each and every one of you to do the same; even if you don’t go back to your diagnosis, you can begin documenting your important data now, as we all will be managing and living with CML, for the rest of our lives.
My friend has kindly allowed me to share his Brief History, with you, as an example.

DX CML 12-23-2008
MDA Protocol: Tasigna-400mg; 2xday-1/09
On Flecainide for AF...still had frequent episodes
Q PCR bone@ MDA…0.17 on 7/09
Acute Pancreatitis-7/5/09
Stopped Tasigna-7/13/09
Q PCRU blood @ Baptist…undetected-7-29-09 !
Started Gleevec-400mg/day-7/31/09
Developed rash ~ 8/19/09
Rash treated with Steroids..improvement
Rash worsens~9/22/09
Stopped Gleevec-9/28/09
Restarted Gleevec @300mg/day-10/8/09
Stopped Gleevec-10/13/09-toxic rash\
AF returned infrequently
Q PCR bone-0.05
Started Sprycel @ 100mg/day-10/20/09
Some AF...increased FLecainde..1, 2x/day
Q PCR bone @ MDA..0.07
Stopped Alcohol…no AF, ½ Flecainide 2x/day
Q PCR Blood @ Baptist…Non Detectible-12-13-10
Q PCR Bone @ MDA..0.01--2-25-11
Q PCR Blood @ Baptist…Undetectible-5-19-11
Reduced Flecainide to 1/2 per day
Pleural and pericardial Effusion: stopped Sprycel-12-6-'11
Prednisone 50mg /day to combat PE; 12/14/'11 gradual reduction
Pleural Effusion clear 12-21-11
Started Sprycel 70mg/day..12-23-11
QPR bone @ MDA.. <0 .01...2-16-12="" span="">
Started Sprycel 50mg/day..3-10-12
Chest pains...slightly more PL Eff 4-19-12
Steroid Dose pack to alleviate:.still on 50mgs
Change to 20 mgs/day Sprycel..4-26-12
Chest clear, effusion gone-5-14-12
Q-PCR Blood @ Baptist-Undetectible-6-13-12
Neuropathy moving up legs, some weakness noted--12
Q-PCR Blood @ MDA..<0 .01="" span="">
Q-PCR Bone @ MDA…<0 .01="" span="">
Q-PCR Blood @ Baptist….Undetectible..6-19-13

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