Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love Those Funny Scrub Hats!

Five months ago, when I was in the hospital, after being diagnosed with Leukemia, I very firmly stated that under “NO” circumstance would I take a floroquinolone. My night time nurse, the one with the pink set of scrubs, told me not to worry, she totally understood because when she was in the hospital with breast cancer, she had gotten an infection and they had given HER Cipro; she couldn’t walk for months, just like me. She said that she wore her “pink” scrubs to remind her that she was a breast cancer survivor.

The next morning, I was sent down to have a port put into my chest for chemotherapy. Once again, I encountered another Cipro victim. This time it was the radiologist with the coolest looking scrub hat. She said that she wore them to entertain her patients. I asked her where she gets her scrub hats, as I was soon to be bald and would need to cover my head. She told me that she got them at

Since returning home, I have looked up the Blue Sky Scrubs and the have the greatest fabrics for scrub hats! I still have some of my own hair and I managed to fulfill my hospital stay without one floroquinolone crossing my lips!
Love this design!


  1. hello.same my problem, i am also a cipro victim. my hair is falling.could u please tell me what medication u are doing now for the growth of your hair.

    thanking you somuch

  2. hi can u email me at many thanks..i hope u could help me rebuild my lost hair