Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tendon Pain Better Since Chemo..... Weird, huh?

So is it a coincidence that my tendon pain has subsided dramatically since the chemo or what? I find that I have had much less tendon pain and no light sensitivity since I have been home from the hospital. My toes are bending freely now and are no longer frozen. I can almost squat again and can bend at my hips. All of these things created major pain from the Cipro.

I did recently have two shots of Neuprogen due to extremely low white blood cells and that has caused a fair amount of bone pain. I guess that bone pain is often associated with leukemia and is to be expected. The Neuprogen shots kind of kick start your bone marrow into making more white blood cells and also causes bone pain.

I was amazed at the amount of nurses that had never heard of floroquinolone poisoning and how devastating that it can be. The confirmed that they give it "all of the time." Scary, huh? 'Bout all for now, this body wears out quickly these days. Hope you are all feeling better.

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